Overhauling Your Look

3 Tips For Ridding Yourself Of The Infamous Back Fat

Pockets of fat on your back can make you feel uncomfortable in an otherwise flattering outfit. Before you give up on wearing the clothes you want, consider the different options you have to achieve a smoother back:

Start With A Good Foundation

Even if you are on the smaller side or do not have distinctive rolls on your back, you can create them simply with poorly fitting undergarments. Making your back look smoother in clothes all begins with wearing the appropriate undergarments. Wearing the right bra often requires you to have a professional fitting or at least have someone you know measure you. A bra with a tight band or straps that dig into your shoulders will create lumps that do not actually exist. If you are certain you are wearing the right size bra, you may need a different bra style. When you plus-size or have a large bust, it is difficult to wear a thin bra band, such as the styles with only two hooks in the back. Fortunately, there are many beautiful bras with a wider band, which can prevent the band from creating new back bulges.

Find Flattering Clothes

If you simply carry pockets of fat along your back, wearing the appropriate clothes can hide them easily or at least not accentuate them. Wear shirts that skirt over your silhouette rather than hugging your back. When you choose more form-fitting items, the fabric matters. A thicker, more structured fabric will not cling to your back in the same way as stretchy jersey or knit fabrics. There may be times when you want or need to wear clothing that is strapless or off-the-shoulders, such as a dress or gown. The fit is extremely important and you may find going up a size or two prevents the top edge of the dress from digging in and contributing to back bulges.

Eliminate The Problem

For some people, back bulges are just an ongoing problem that is difficult to camouflage with clothing. Although shapewear can help, you may want to avoid the discomfort that comes with wearing shapewear daily. The long-term solution is to consider liposuction or related fat removal procedures. These procedures are ideal for people who are a healthy weight but have pockets of fat that collect on their back. If you are significantly overweight and are seriously considering losing weight, it is best to wait until after you have lost the excess weight and sustained a healthier weight for a while before deciding on contouring procedures. Since many people who lose significant amounts of weight also have excess skin, skin removal surgery may be necessary in conjunction with liposuction to achieve the desired contour for your back.

Back bulges are a frustrating problem because it often seems like most clothing items enhance the problem. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to achieve the smooth back you want so you feel more comfortable in different types of clothing.

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