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Key Facts About Short-Scar Facelifts To Know If You're Unhappy With Your Facial Imperfections In Your 40's

If you're in your 40's and the lines and wrinkles in your face are prematurely aging you, you should be aware of the short-scar facelift. It's not as invasive as other facelift procedures and uses techniques that are devised to provide less scarring and quicker recoveries. Although not appropriate for every patient, it's often the right choice when major work isn't yet needed. If you're unhappy with the stories your face is telling, it's a good idea to consider the information shared below. 

The Short-scar Facelift Is Not As Invasive As More Complex Types Of Facelifts

Since it can seem as if you cannot stand in a checkout line at the grocery store without seeing headlines screaming about celebrities and the six or eight weeks they needed to recover from their most recent cosmetic surgery, it's easy to assume that you would have a similar experience. The truth is that there are many types of facelifts and the short-scar option is one that allows you to return to your normal daily life, sooner than you might think. It is important to note that the short-scar procedure is not useful for severe neck wrinkles, as that would require more significant work. 

It does so through the planned use of discreet incisions. Since the procedure is commonly provided by hiding a minimal number of incisions behind the ears or near the temple, your scars and recovery time will be lessened. Thus, you'll be back enjoying your normal life, but looking younger and healthier, sooner.           

Its Use Now Can Help You Delay The Need For Major Work Down The Road

As previously mentioned, the short-scar facelift is minimally invasive and does not address every concern that a more complex procedure of its types might. Therefore, it has been described by some as an example of maintenance cosmetic surgery, in that its results often make you look younger without those around you knowing that you had any work done.   

Since the drooping muscles in your face that have contributed to your unwanted lines and wrinkles now will be lifted, you are much less likely to need the major work of a full-facelift for many years. In addition, the effects of a  short-scar facelift, which might also be known as a mini-facelift or an S-lift, can last for several years. That is, of course, assuming that you comply with your doctor's recommendations, practice avid skin protection, and otherwise enjoy good health during that time.

In conclusion, the short-scar facelift permits many patients to return to work and normal activities sooner than a more invasive procedure will, while providing less scarring. It's often recommended for those patients who are unhappy with facial imperfections and don't yet have concerns about the appearance of their necks. If that sounds familiar, it's best to discuss your options for a short-scar facelift with your cosmetic surgeon or Dr. Robert J. Troell, M.D., F.A.C.S..