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Factors To Consider When You're Thinking About Breast Augmentation As A Teenager

There's no magic age at which women decide to have their breasts augmented. While some women opt for this procedure in their 40s after they're done having children, others may want to go through it in their teenage years. If you're a teenager who is thinking about having your breasts augmented, it's a good idea to book a no-obligation consultation appointment with your local cosmetic surgeon at a place like Murphy Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa (with the permission of your parents). At the appointment, you'll be able to learn about the procedure and what it entails, as well as ask any questions that you may have. Here are some factors that you should be considering, given your age.

Reason For Augmentation

It's important that you truly want to have your breasts augmented if you're going to go through this procedure. The "right" reason differs among people, but it's useful to consider your personal reason so that you're not being reactive. Teenage girls are often competitive among one another, and having someone in your group of friends have her breasts augmented could make you think that you should have this procedure done, too. This may especially be the case if your friend begins to get more attention than you. Take enough time to evaluate your authentic reason for wanting this change to your body.

Understanding Of Breast Growth

Women's breasts can continue to grow in size at various stages of life, often as a result of weight gain. If you have small breasts and a very tiny physique, you should know that as you gain weight into your 20s and beyond, which is often the case, your breasts will often grow in size, too. You may still wish to proceed with getting breast augmentation surgery, but you should keep this fact in mind and talk about it with your surgeon during the consultation appointment.

Future Breastfeeding

Some women prefer to have their breasts augmented after they're done having children. Although most women can breastfeed with augmented breasts, not everyone can. This means that if you're excited to have children and you wish to breastfeed, deferring your surgery until the right time might be a better approach. Conversely, if you believe that you do not want to have children, you may feel even more resolved to go through with breast augmentation surgery at this point in your life. Remember, there's no need to rush into the process, and talking at length with your surgeon will help you to know when you're ready to move forward.