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3 Things You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

When you want a safe and effective hair removal option, there are several choices for you to consider. Some hair removal treatments can be done at home by yourself. Others require you to visit the salon for professional assistance. Waxing, sugaring, and plucking your hair are all great options, but none of them offer permanent hair removal. If you'd like unwanted hair to be removed for good, you should look into options like laser hair removal. Here are three things everyone should know about laser hair removal before making a choice:

1. You need to go to a reputable practitioner.

Whether you get laser hair removal done in a doctor's office or a salon, do your research ahead of time. Make sure the person you're paying is experienced at offering this type of hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal is safe when done correctly, but it still utilizes laser light which could burn or injure you when used incorrectly. When you go to an experienced professional, you will get the expert results you want in a safe and comfortable environment. Don't simply go for the cheapest option. Take the time to read previous customers' reviews online before you make your decision.

2. You will need to schedule more than one appointment.

Laser hair removal works by targeting your hair's follicles with laser energy. The energy burns the follicle which damages it, preventing hair from growing from it in the future. However, this process is done gradually over time. In order to keep your hair from growing back permanently, you will need to have multiple treatments done. Expect to schedule at least six appointments. You may need more or less appointments depending on the amount and thickness of your body hair. Areas with more hair, such as legs and arms, will require more treatment than less hairy areas.

3. You shouldn't experience significant pain.

Laser treatment may sound painful, but most people who try it report that they only felt minimal discomfort. Before your treatment, the technician may rub a soothing cream on the area to numb it. The treatment itself may feel like a pin prick or like getting snapped by a rubber band. If you're sore when you get home, you can treat any discomfort using over-the-counter pain medications. Some people find that ice packs and topical ointments also soothe the sting. You should feel completely back to normal within a day.