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How To Use A Collagen Peptide Face Cream

Face cream is an excellent product for hydrating parched skin. Active ingredients can provide an additional boost. Many men and women choose face creams formulated for their anti-aging benefits. Collagen peptides are naturally found in your skin, but your body produces less collagen as you grow older. You can replenish lost collagen with a peptide face cream. Here are four tips to help you get the most out of your collagen peptide face cream:

1. Apply it to clean skin.

Collagen peptide face cream works best when you allow it to penetrate your bare skin. For best results, start with clean, freshly washed skin. Use your favorite face wash and pat your skin dry. It's fine if your skin is still a little damp. A small amount of moisture can help your peptide cream soak into your face.

2. Dab it into your under-eye skin.

As people get older, they often notice that the skin beneath their eyes starts to thin. Crepey skin can result. You may also see dark circles beneath your eyes, even when you get adequate rest. Collagen peptide cream can help you fight under-eye bags. Apply a thick layer of cream under your eyes whenever you moisturize your face. The skin beneath your eyes is thin and fragile, so avoid pulling at it while applying your cream. Dab the cream on with gentle patting motions using the tips of your fingers to avoid damaging your skin.

3. Use it at night.

You can use peptide cream at any time of the day. However, collagen peptide creams are often very rich, formulated with lots of nourishing ingredients. Some people find the feel of such a cream too heavy during the day. It may cause your makeup to slide around on your face, so use peptide cream as part of your evening routine instead. Allow it to nourish your face at night, then wash it away in the morning.

4. Allow it to completely absorb.

Many people do their skincare routine right before bed. Taking care of your skin can be a soothing way to end the night. Just make sure you leave enough time for your peptide cream to absorb into your skin. If the cream isn't allowed to fully absorb, you may end up with it smeared across your pillows instead. For best results, apply your peptide cream at least half an hour before you plan to go to sleep.