Overhauling Your Look

5 Indicators That You Need A Breast Lift Today

Breast lifts have gained overwhelming popularity in the United States. In 2019, for instance, 113,000 breast lift procedures were performed in the country. Breasts change over time, significantly losing their youthful firmness and shape. Mainly, the changes are associated with aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and even genetics. If you want your breasts to regain their perky, natural look, you can also consider a breast lift.

Signs That You Need a Breast Lift

No matter how careful you are, your breasts will sag over time. Due to some natural events, such as childbearing, weight loss, and aging, the breast skin becomes loose, leading to a meaningful loss of breast volume.

Some of the signs that your breasts need lifting include:

  1. Sagging Breasts- Although there is no perfect breast size or shape, some women might be bothered when their breasts change after childbearing or weight loss. This sense of dissatisfaction is a good reason to go for a breast lift.
  2. Elongated and Flattened Breasts- If you are dissatisfied with the projection of your breasts, a breast lift can substantially help.
  3. Areolas and Nipples that Point Down- Normally, the nipples, and areolas should point up or forward. However, as the breast skin loses elasticity, they are pulled downward. The condition can only be corrected by tightening the loose breast skin through a breast lift.
  4. Enlarged Areolas- Due to weight loss or childbearing, the areolas abnormally grow bigger. However, the excess breast tissues can be removed through a breast lift.
  5. When Breasts Are Not Symmetrical- Does one of your breasts sit higher than the other? You can go for a breast lift to make them more symmetrical.

How Will a Breast Lift Change Your Look?

Drooping breasts can meaningfully alter your overall appearance. If sagging is severe, it affects your self-confidence and esteem. However, a breast lift can reshape and reposition your breasts, giving them a younger look.

Typically, a breast lift has the following benefits:

  • The Breasts Get Firmer- If breasts are sagging, they feel deflated and elongated. However, a breast lift gives them a firmer look and feel.
  • Improved Nipple Projection- When the breast is reshaped and repositioned, the nipples get a more natural, forward projection.
  • An Attractive Breast Shape- When breasts are deflated, they lose their attractive shape. However, the supple shape can be restored through a breast lift.


With time, your breasts are subject to sagging due to weight loss, breastfeeding, and age. However, a breast lift procedure can correct the contour and shape of the breasts, significantly improving their overall appearance.