Overhauling Your Look

Why Is a Facelift Helpful After Extreme Weight Loss?

If you've been carrying a lot of extra weight and have been successful in losing it, you deserve plenty of praise. For most people, this is the hardest part. However, if you're upset that your face and neck don't look as tight as you want or expected, you're not alone. Here's why this tends to be a problem and what you can do about it.

Limited Bounce Back

When people lose weight, typically the body absorbs some skin cells as well, shrinking your skin. The amount the body absorbs depends upon the condition of your skin, genetics, and other factors. Unfortunately, people who lose a lot of weight often discover that the amount of skin absorbed isn't sufficient, which can lead to saggy skin and loose jowls. This tends to be less of an issue when you're younger, so if you're a little older, you may be disappointed by your results.

Damaged Skin

The main reason skin doesn't bounce back properly after extreme weight loss is because there's simply too much skin to be absorbed. However, it's also possible that your skin was damaged through weight gain.

When people gain weight gradually, the body builds new skin to accommodate the extra fat or muscle. However, if you put on weight at a rapid pace, oftentimes the skin stretches and becomes damaged, instead. Skin is highly elastic, but it can only stretch so far. Stretch marks are typically a byproduct of this product. All stretch marks are is scar tissue that's formed from the skin being damaged by being stretched too much. While healthy skin can potentially shrink and bounce back from weight loss, damaged skin can't.

What to Do

If you're not happy with the way that your face and neck look, waiting for your body to adjust may not give you the results that you want. However, a facelift can definitely help.

Facelifts can greatly improve your appearance by removing the damaged skin that can't bounce back. Then, the skin is lifted so that it snugly fits your face, rather than being loose. Once secured, the procedure is over, and you can begin the recovery process.

Facelifts can help you to complete your weight loss journey by giving you the appearance you've dreamed of while working so hard to lose weight. If you're tired of saggy skin keeping you from your ideal appearance, talk to a cosmetic surgeon for more information about facelit procedures.