Overhauling Your Look

3 Common Types Of Plastic Surgery Procedures You Should Know

Improving appearance and self-confidence are the two main reasons why people choose to undergo a plastic surgery procedure. There are several options available, and choosing the right one takes research, consultation, and consideration. Here are three common types of plastic surgery you should know about.


A facelift is designed to remove wrinkles or fold lines from the skin on your face and neck. These wrinkles may be caused by aging or natural muscle contractions that pull down on facial skin. It is most successful when performed in conjunction with other treatments such as chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and microdermabrasion, all of which stimulate collagen growth.

The most common type of facelift is a mid-face lift, also known as a subperiosteal or endoscopic face and neck lift. This procedure focuses on lifting the skin from your cheekbones to tighten it. This pulls the lower part of your face with minimal scarring around your ears and neck. If you want to tighten the muscles in your chin area, you can opt for a chin lift. Other facelift procedures that you can also consider are coronal lift, neck lift, and cheek implants. These procedures are suitable if you want to improve your self-esteem and look younger.

Breast Augmentation

The goal of breast augmentation is to help patients feel better about the appearance of their breasts, especially if they feel their breasts are too small or out of proportion with the rest of their bodies. This procedure involves inserting breast implants to increase the size and fullness of breasts. Smaller breasts could result from genetics, breastfeeding, and other factors, including weight loss or gain throughout life.

Breast augmentation is usually done on an outpatient basis, which means that it doesn't require a lengthy hospital stay and can be performed in just a few hours. The recovery time for this surgery is also short, although you may need to wait at least a few months before resuming strenuous workouts. It can be done in conjunction with other surgeries, such as lift or reduction, based on individual technique and preference. The doctor may also recommend a liposuction procedure to give the appearance of better cleavage.


This procedure uses an abrasive device to sand off the damaged outer layers of the skin. It can be used on scars, wrinkles, and other types of blemishes. The recovery period for dermabrasion is short, and there is usually minimal pain. It can be used on almost any part of the body. There are two types of dermabrasions: wet and dry. In a wet process, crystals or a wire brush are used to remove the skin. A dry form of dermabrasion uses a diamond wheel with rough edges to shave off the top layers of skin.

Plastic surgery is an amazing way to fix your body for whatever reason. It is a life-changing decision that will make you be the person you want to be.