Overhauling Your Look

Can You Reverse Your Breast Augmentation Surgery?

While most people are thrilled with the results of breast augmentation surgery, there is always the chance that you may want to consider a reversal in the future. In fact, your decision to get a breast augmentation in the first place might hinge on whether the procedure is reversible.

If you are considering breast augmentation, here's what you need to know about the procedure and its potential for a reversal in the future.

Breast Implant Removal Is an Option

Breast implant removal can be done. It is possible to remove your implants, no matter how they were inserted in the first place. In fact, some people have their implants replaced over time.

Keep in mind that even if the implants are removed, you may still notice some differences in your body afterward. For example, the skin may have stretched out a bit more, or you may notice that your breasts are still a bit larger than they were when you originally got implants.

Why Many People Choose to Remove Implants

While you may never look exactly the same as you used to, removing your breast implants after surgery can have some benefits. For example, you may choose to reverse breast augmentation as part of a gender affirmation surgery, or you may find that your implants were not meant to last the rest of your life.

No matter why you choose to remove your implants, your reasons to do so are completely valid. Your doctor will help you determine what kind of steps you need to take before you consider a reversal.

Breast Augmentation Gives You Control

When you choose breast augmentation, you are in control over your body. While nature may have played some role in the natural size of your breasts, you may want something different. Now, you can go into getting augmentation or implants with the knowledge that you still have options.

Whether you want your augmentation redone in the future or completely removed, the procedure is generally considered safe and effective. You are in the driver's seat, and you can choose the way you want your body to look.

Speak With a Cosmetic Surgeon Before You Choose Breast Augmentation

The first thing you should do when you are trying to choose your surgery is to speak with a provider. A cosmetic surgeon will provide you with more information about the potential to reverse your breast augmentation based on your body and the type of surgery you undergo.