How To Choose Your Breasts

You read that right. If you're going in for breast augmentation, you get to personalize your breasts. You have your own reasons for getting cosmetic surgery, and you may even have an end result in your mind's eye. However, there are several considerations concerning your breast implants. Incision Site Surgeons have their preferences, of course, but the site of the incision is going to be on your body. Scarring tends to be minimal, and it generally fades with time.

How To Use Makeup To Hide Residual Bruising From Your Facelift

You've emerged from your facelift surgery satisfied with your new look, and you can't wait to show off your younger-looking face to friends and strangers. Unfortunately, you're still a little bruised. Bruising is a normal struggle in the facelift recovery process. Even after your scars are healed, the treated area may a little black and blue for a couple of weeks. Don't let this bruising keep you from going out and having fun.